Super Tramps

Our super trampolines are the most powerful trampolines in the world. Produced in Canada from Rebound Products, the super trampolines are an excellent tool to help you learn your next big trick. They are also just a great way to have fun and bounce higher than you've ever bounced before!

SITE Wanaka-7
SITE Wanaka-14

Air Bag

Our Bag Jump™ air bag is a multi-impact air bag that can handle people, boards, bikes and anything else you'd want to send into it. It's a great place to try new tricks without having to focus as much on your landings.

Spring Floor

The best way to improve your flatground skills. Our top of the line spring floor will help you with your parkour, tricking, tumbling and conditioning progression.

SITE Wanaka-21

Snowboard addiction skis and boards

Looking to take skills to the snow? Our snowboard addiction skis and boards are a great progression tool for getting a feel of swing weight, grabs, and body awareness for your tricks.

Skate Bowl

Our skate bowl is the perfect thing for a rainy day, or if you just want to skate a wooden bowl. Being lined with Skatelite ensures a great skating surface. The bowl is true 4ft in the shallow end and true 5ft in the deep end.

SITE Bowl-7