Perfect for snow progression, fitness, or just keeping up with your kids

this super fun weekly programme is suitable for everyone, and no previous experience is required! The course covers skills from basic jumping, air awareness, and confidence on the trampolines, to flips, spins and larger tricks.

SITE Wanaka-18

SITE's adult lessons are the perfect place to build a strong foundational skill set to safely learn on your own afterwards. We start with teaching the bail positions and how to fall safely (which happens to be a lot of fun). We then start moving into the fundamentals of spins and air awareness and with any luck, you'll be leaving this 5-week course with a couple of new flips and tricks under your belt.


Moving on from the initial 5-week programme, we have offerings for people looking to focus on snowsports progressions, bike progressions, and general trampolining at a more advanced level.


  • Super Tramps, Olympic tramps, wall features, spring floor, and air bag
  • Ski, snowboard, bike, or tramp focused
  • Fundamentals covered
  • Safe learning progressions (we know everyone has to go to work the next day)
  • Growth mindset framework that you can apply to skills outside of trampolining


Who it's for

  • Adults of all ages
  • All skill and ability levels
  • individuals and groups of friends
  • People looking for snowsports progression
  • People looking for bike progression
  • Parents looking to keep up with their kids

When it runs

  • Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 PM
  • 5-week long course (upcoming dates to come)

What to bring

  • Drink bottle
  • Athletic clothing that is temperature appropriate

What it costs

  • $150 for 5 weeks