CORK 720

How do we do it?


  • Refer to Cork Set in Fundamentals document.
  • Spot the front end of the trampoline after the first 360
  • pull knees up to set  in a back drop (helps build visual awareness)
  • Practise the sets with a strong “T-pose”
  • Avoid wrapping arms in to develop power, control and a connection through the whole body set on take-off
  • Set strong horizontal rotation with a slight lean back.
  • Keep eyes and chin forward
  • Avoid breaking at the waist
  • Avoid spotting behind and down at the trampoline to avoid performing a “mork” (a badly performed cork where the athlete twists into a misty instead of corking a spin)
  • Practise sets high and low. 
  • Grab after the back bounce see how different grabs effect the rotation.


Trick Breakdown 

  • APPROACH: Begin with the leading arm pulled down and across the waist, ready to set a strong horizontal rotation in the desired direction. 
  • TAKE OFF: Open the lead arm in a reverse seatbelt motion to set the spin and lean back slightly. Keep eyes up at the front of the trampoline during take-off to avoid breaking at the waist and looking back down at the trampoline
  • TRICK: As the landing comes back into view, pull knees up strongly and pull centre of gravity into the leading shoulder to begin corking the spin. Safety grab will help this rotation to come around smoothly. Look over the leading shoulder if unable to spot throughout the cork to wait for the landing to come into view
  • LANDING: Release the grab / tucked position and open up the body and arms to slow down the rotation and control the landing whilst spotting forwards


Coaching Points / Verbal Cues:

  • Drive rotation with the lead arm
  • Chest up and eyes forward through the spin
  • Spot forwards at 360 before pulling legs up


Common Mistakes:

  • Not corking the spin
  • Not spotting forwards at 360
  • Leaning back and down towards the tramp and performing a mork
  • Hips rising too far above the head
    Unable to bring back to feet




cork 720 set to back
cork 720 set to back
Cork 720
Cork 720
Mork 720
Mork 720